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Founded in 1964, the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild pursues exploration, experimentation, and education in the earth sciences; the discovery, development and preservation of minerals and mineral deposits; and the advancement, encouragement and utilization of the principles of art and craftsmanship as applied to gems and minerals.

The Denver Gem and Mineral Guild is an affiliate of:
Denver Council of Gem and Mineral Societies
Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineral Societies
American Federation of Mineral Societies


Here is the current lineup of coming Meetings.
Check out the details in the latest Newsletter

Golden Diggers
Meeting February 8, 6:30
Dennis Gertenbach - Mineral Magic Demos

Meeting February 8, 7:30
Dr. Sue Ellen Hirschfeld - Fossil Turtle Tracks Update

Dr. Hirschfeld discovered a unique fossil track site just east of Marshall, CO. DGMG members helped map the original site in the spring of 2018. Since then over 500 tracks have been mapped and recorded, and some of the finest fossil turtle tracks ever found have been photographed, cast, and molded, along with crocodile and dinosaur tracks. Come hear about the discoveries!

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DGMG Gem & Mineral Show
February 22-24