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Founded in 1964, the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild pursues exploration, experimentation, and education in the earth sciences; the discovery, development and preservation of minerals and mineral deposits; and the advancement, encouragement and utilization of the principles of art and craftsmanship as applied to gems and minerals.

The Denver Gem and Mineral Guild is an affiliate of:
Denver Council of Gem and Mineral Societies
Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineral Societies
American Federation of Mineral Societies

NASA Photo

Go see two of the most expensive rocks on Earth—two moon rock samples—at the CSM Geology Museum!



Here is the current lineup of coming Meetings.
Check out the details in the latest Newsletter

Golden Diggers’ Meeting April 12 6:30
Digging Fossil Fish (hopefully!)

Regular Meeting April 12 7:30
Angela Garcia Green - Moon Rocks
The government spent $25 billion of your tax dollars on the most
expensive rock collecting field trip in the history of the world
to collect 842 pounds of rocks from the moon between 1969 and 1972.
Angela, DGMG’s own rocket scientist, worked in the NASA lab
in Houston experimenting and testing the moon rocks on their
return to Earth. She will review the history of the moon rock
sampling program, followed by an introduction to the lab and
how the samples are maintained. She will show us what we have
learned from the collection.

Golden Diggers’ Meeting May 6:30

Regular Meeting May 7:30
John Rhoads, DGMG member
Gem Collecting Road Trip: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Utah

FIELD TRIP SCHEDULE (so far - stay tuned for more)

June 8, Hartsel Barite
George Daggett, Trip Leader

August 2-4 Creede
Gideon Breithaupt, Trip Leader