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CSM Museum - Colorado School of Mines Museum.

American Lands Access Association - Extensive information regarding Public Lands access issues.

Where to Find - Field Guide Reviews and Mineral Collecting Maps. - will provide you with the tools to share and discover unique and interesting locations on the planet, including places of geological significance.



The AAA Colorado Magazine - Recent article on Rockhounding in Colorado.

Rockhounding the Rockies - Kevin's blog on his Colorado rockhounding adventures.

Colorado Rockhounding - Information on Colorado rockhounding localaties.

Colorado Geologic Survey - Lots of great information on Colorado geology and minerals.

Colorado Geologic Survey Book Store - Free Downloads for over 400 geologic maps and reports including titles like: Geology of the Gold Belt Backcountry Byway, South Central Colorado, Fluorspar Deposits in Colorado, Mineral Resources of Colorado, Scenic Trips into Colorado Geology: Uncompahgre Plateau; Montrose, Ridgeway, Norwood, Naturita, Uravan, Gateway, Delta, and many more. Note: you will need to open a free account and login in order to complete your download.



Hooked on Gold - Blog on Gold and Gold Panning in Colorado.

Gold Strike Colorado Prospecting - The Secret Free Gold Panning Spots in Colorado.

Introduction to Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun and Profit - by Matt Kilsdonk at

           The Arapahoe bar public gold prospecting park - the first-ever city managed no-fee gold panning park in Colorado

  • Arapahoe-Bar-Gold-Panning-Park: Facebook Page - Lots of information about this park

  • Arapahoe-Bar-Gold-Panning-Park: official web page by Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation - Directions to the park, and other important information.

  • Arapahoe-Bar-Gold-Panning-Park: More Background information - News Release from the Gold Unlimited Association of America

  • Arapahoe Bar and City: History - Blog on the history of this area (and many links to information on other gold panning spots in Colorado)


              EVENTS: - searchable listing of over 170,000 trade shows & conferences across the globe.

    Contin-Tail - Colorado's Largest Outdoor Gem & Mineral Show.


              FAKE ROCKS!

    Fake - Exposing the truth: one mineral fake, fraud or forgery at a time.

    Dyeing - behind the scenes information about dyeing agates, treating gemstones, radiation, X-rays, gamma rays, heat and coatings.

    Crystal Growing - How to grow your own crystals.

    5 Sneaky Jeweler Tricks of the Trade - things every consumer should know.

    Diamonds From the Lab: - cheaper, but are they just as good?



    Free Gemology Course - Offered online by Barbara Smigel, PhD, GG, Professor Emeritus at College of Southern Nevada .

    Introduction to Faceting - Step by Step guide to gem cutting.

    Geology: Earth Science for Everyone- The ultimate geology crash-course with 2.5 hours of on-demand video. (on Udemy) - List of free geology courses from Top Universities.

    The Earth in my Pocket: an Introduction to Geology - Get an introduction to geology. Discover where materials that make up everyday objects come from and how to use them sustainably. Four week course, requires 3 hours per week. Check for starting dates.

    OpenLearn - A selection of free on-line earth science courses from the Open University.


              MAGAZINES: - A seemingly endless collection of FREE online books, magazines, catalogs, and other publications from around the world. Use the search function on their site to search for your topic of interest such as "rocks", "gems", "minerals", "crystals", "meteorites" etc. You will be amazed at what comes up. WARNING - this site can be totally addictive! - Another Magazine site with both current and back issues. This one allows you to download the magazine in PDF format to read even when off line. If you don't find what you are looking for under the listed categories, then try the search function. Searching for "Rock" brought up both "Rock and Gem Magazine" and "Earth" magazine. - All Things Mineralogical Online - Daily news, quaterly magazine, articles, reviews, information on collecting sites, clubs, shows, museums, rock shops, and much more.


              PHOTO GALERIES:

    CSM Mineral Photo Gallery - How many of these minerals and fossils can you identify? (Hover your mouse cursor over each image to see the name).

    Earth Science World Image Bank - The Earth Science World Image Bank is a community service provided by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI). The Image Bank is designed to provide quality geoscience images to the public, educators, and the geoscience community. Available for free use in your non-commercial efforts, such as educational slideshows or in personal materials.


              JUST FOR FUN:

    Stone Faced - Discover the Japanese Museum Dedicated to Collecting Rocks That Look Like Human Faces.

    Atlas Obscura - Pictures and stories of amazing rocks and geologic oddities from accross the country and around the world.

    Out There Colorado - Your guide to the geologic wonders of colorado.