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Below - pictures from 2009 Lake George Field Trip
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Page last updated 5/2/18

We invite you to attend our next meeting to find out about this years field trips.

FIELD TRIP SCHEDULE for 2018 Mary Lou Mobley—303-526-0416 or Bring your DGMG calendars to the May meeting, in case there are schedule changes (or additions). We will handle sign-ups at the May meeting. If you cannot make the meeting, and you want to attend a field trip, please RSVP with your name and cell phone number, plus field trips you want to attend, to the "" email address or call Mary Lou at 303-526-0416. I am also looking for volunteers to lead these trips, so if anyone wants to lead a particular one and can let me know, that would be really helpful.

6/8 (Fri) Travel day; group dinner in Socorro

6/9 (Sat) Blanchard Mine, Socorro CO, NM Fluorite, galena, linarite, chrysocolla, etc.

6/10 (Sun) Blanchard Mine or U.S. 60 Mine U.S. 60 Mine has goethite

6/11 (Mon) Travel day

6/23 (Sat) Butterfield Ranch (with CMS jrs) Smoky quartz

6/24 (Sun) Wigwam Creek Smoky quartz, topaz, amazonite

6/30 (Sat) Travel day to Fossil Butte National Monument, Kemmerer, WY

7/1 (Sun) American Fossil Quarry, Kemmerer, WY (fee dig)

7/2 (Mon) Eden Valley, WY Blue Forest Petrified Wood

7/3 (Tues) WY (nephrite jade/ agates?)

7/4 (Wed) Travel day or stay for 4th of July in WY, as desired

7/7 (Sat) Florissant (w/ CMS jrs) National Monument and private quarry (fee dig)

7/27 (Fri) Smoky Hawk Amazonite, smoky quartz

7/28 (Sat) Dorris’ Topaz Mine (w/ CMS jrs) Topaz, smoky quartz (fee dig)

8/9 (Thurs) Travel Day

8/10 (Fri) Last Chance Mine (fee for finds) Sow belly agate, (rare) turquoise

8/11 (Sat) Creede Airport Fossils

8/12 (Sun) Underground Mining Museum (admission fee)

8/13 (Mon) Travel Day

9/22-23 (Sat, Sun) Crawford, NE (with CMS) Fairburn agates (as guests of Colorado Mineral Society)

Still to schedule:
Elizabeth petrified wood, Arapahoe Bar gold panning, Hartsel blue barite

For updates on our fieldtrip schedule, see the latest Newsletter