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Founded in 1964, the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild pursues exploration, experimentation, and education in the earth sciences; the discovery, development and preservation of minerals and mineral deposits; and the advancement, encouragement and utilization of the principles of art and craftsmanship as applied to gems and minerals.

A YOUNG Mark Jacobson at the Dogtooth Peak locality, Fresno County, CA, June 1978.
The Denver Gem and Mineral Guild is an affiliate of:
Denver Council of Gem and Mineral Societies
Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineral Societies
American Federation of Mineral Societies

Our next meeting will be Friday April 10th . . .

Since 1890, the minerals from the pegmatites of southern California have become well known across the United States both for faceted and polished gemstones of colored tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite and kunzite but later, for iconic mineral specimens. Today’s active mines include the same mines operated during the first ten years after 1900. The most prominent of these are the Himalaya, Tourmaline Queen, Tourmaline King, Pala Chief, Oceanview-Elizabeth R.-W. Hazel, Stewart Lithia, White Queen, Katernia, Cryo-Genie, Lythia Dyke, Fano-Simmons mine, Anita (Sage) mine, Blue Lily and many other smaller prospects. Although the easy material was gone by 1912, this never slowed down the collectors. Despite diminished returns, there has been a prospecting boom in recent years. New specimens and collecting stories continue to be revealed at mineral shows. This talk will briefly recount the early day history of these localities.

Visitors welcomed!
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April 25 Mentoring with DGMG Masters Basic mineral & rock identification Clubhouse 10:00
May 8 Dale Gann Petrified Wood
May 19 Addenbrooke Park Project Meet at the Park entrance on Garrison at 5:60-6:00.
May TBA Red Rocks Historic Tour
May 23 Mentoring with DGMG Masters - Sawing Rocks, Clubhouse 10:00

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