Pictures 2022

Guadalupe Mountains NP, TX Oct. 2-4 – Ty and I did several hikes in the park, including Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.

White Sands NP, NM, Sept 28-30 – Wed did several hikes in this amazing park which is adjacent to the White Sands Missile Range and the Trinity Site where the first nuclear bomb was detonated.

Bug Ranch, Amarillo TX, Oct 8 – I’ve been trying to decide on some innovative landscape ideas for our front yard – but this one probably won’t fly with Debby.

Big Bend NP, TX, Oct 4-6 – We spent a few days hiking and camping in Big Bend. Unfortunately, some of the hikes we wanted to do (and the hot spring) were under water due to some recent rains.  plus 3D stereo pairs and anaglyphs

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo TX, Oct 8 – Interesting to see what it takes to create a “landmark attraction” in Texas.

Carlsbad Caverns NP, NM, Oct 1 – As a caver I’ve wanted to go here for years.

Roswell NM, Sept 30 – I’ve always wanted to visit Roswell too.

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM, Sept. 30 – I’d never even heard of this place before, but I was impressed. I thought it was every bit as good, if not better than, Prctroglyph NM.

Space History Museum, NM, Sept 29 – Nice museum, and the grave site of HAM, the first chimp in space.

Hatch NM, Sept. 28 – The Chilli Capital of the World.

Guanella Pass, CO – Aug. 4 – Hiking and camping with my DC caving buddies.

Booth Lake, CO, July 29 – Backpacking with my DC caving buddies near Vail CO. plus “watercolors

Hiking Colorado, July 16-19 – Hiking near home with Jim, Tom and Bonnie. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing hikes within 60 minutes from my house. plus 3D pairs and anaglyphs.

Bend Oregon, July – Pete and I took a road trip from Denver to Bend, Oregon, taking in the sights along the way. And in Oregon, I got to visit my first lava tube caves. plus “watercolors“.

Nevada & Utah, April – Took a trip with Ty to Nevada and Utah where we hiked over 100 miles in 2 weeks and saw the Fremont Indian State Park, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Las Vegas, Aarea 51, and Great Basin National Park, plus 3D stereo pairs and “watercolor stereo pairs

Cave of the Clouds, Feb. 11 – My buddy Ken took me on a tour of Cave of the Clouds –

Breckednridge International Snow Carving, Jan 29 – Always a favorite of mine, – plus 3D stereo pairs and anaglyphs.

Walden, CO, Jan 11-13 – Stayed in a Yurt and did some cross-country skiing. 3D stereo pairs.

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