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A curated collection of videos and news stories from around the web, of interest to the local rockhound community.

How to Tell if Amber is Real or Fake: A Guide to Testing Authenticity –  The amber market is flooded with fakes trying to cash in. Story by Jeremy Hall, Rock Seeker (9/1/2023)

Blue Topaz
Silver ring with blue topaz. Jewelry and photo by Mauro Cateb, CC 2.0

Gemstone Care Guide – Learn how to best maintain your gemstone jewelry and what kinds of stresses and cleaning methods to avoid. Story by Dr Gerald Wykoff, International Gem Society.

Concretions: What Are These Bizarre Rock Formations? (And What’s Inside Them?) – Concretions are a bit of an oddity in the world of rocks and minerals.  Story by Jeremy Hall, Rock Seeker.

Slate Creek, Eagles Nest Wilderness by John Fielder

John Fielder’s Lifetime of Colorado Photography Can Now be Viewed Online – 

Anyone at home can now view the vast and varied beauty of Colorado through the eyes of the state’s most celebrated landscape photographer – over 6,500 images – at History Story by Seth Boster, OutThereColorado (6/6/2023).

Colorado Map
Colorado map from Library of Congress

Colorado is a Hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon! – Colorado looks like a rectangle. It isn’t. The Centennial State has not four, but 697 sides. Story by Frank Jacobs, Big Think, (January 2023).

Pixabay photo

The Story of Silver in the United States – Humans have held silver dear since antiquity. In the ancient world, silver held a cultural and religious value that rivaled gold and precious jewels . . .
This story from was recommended to us by Penny from Mr. Wood’s Geology Study Program.

Into the Dinosaur Valley – Prehistoric Wild America Dan Snow travels across America retracing the very first discoveries made by fossil hunters nearly 200 years ago, from Wyoming to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He reveals how the very first discoveries of the most amazing dinosaurs of all time were made, including the T-Rex and Diplodocus, and learns why America’s stunning wild West is such a hotspot for dinosaur remains.

Jim MeKeeman says – “Our little intrepid band of WIPS fossil hunters were part of this documentary done on the Bone Wars.  John Foster has some great film time here as well. They came up to Nail Quarry on August 21 to film us in action.” (12/11/2022)

Fossil Cycad 1935
NPS Photo

The National Park That Was Stolen to Death – Fossil Cycad National Monument in South Dakota held America’s richest deposit of petrified cycadeoid plants . . . until it didn’t. Story by Cara Giaimo, Atlas Obscura (7/11/2017)

How to spot a Fake Diamond – 13 at-home tests to spot a fake diamond. Story by Addisone Rice, IGS

Emeline Rooney
Emeline Rooney outside the family homestead. Photo courtesy Randy Rooney.

The Legend of Rooney Ranch, a Colorado Landmark Refusing to Fade Seven Generations Later – Adjacent to Dinosaur Ridge, is Colorado’s oldest ranch still being carried on by its founding family. Story by Seth Boster, The Denver Gazette (5/7/23).

A Guide to Gem Cutting Styles – Gem cutting styles refer to the shape and arrangement of facets. Story by Donald Clark and Phoebe Shang, International Gem Society.

Down to Earth and Out of This World: A Look at Colorado’s Old Rock Shops – Colorado’s oldest rock shops date to the 1970s, a time that stirs nostalgia and visions of an open road and a changing America. Story by Seth  Boster, The Denver Gazette (6/18/2023).

photo from

The Mystery of North America’s Missing Eastern Dinosaurs – the Eastern US has plenty of rocks of the right age to find dinosaurs. So why have so few been found? Story by Zaria Gorvett, BBC (2/2/2023).

AI meteorite image
image by synthesis AI studio

A 15-metric ton meteorite crashed in Africa. Now 2 new minerals have been found in it – Story by Kristen Rogers, CNN, Sunday (12/25/2022).

Image by Enrique from Pixabay

Treasure Worth Millions May Still be Hidden in ‘Lost’ Colorado Cave – story by Tamera Twitty, Out There Colorado. (11/7/2022).

Image from "A Brief History of Colorado Through Time"

Colorado Once a Coastal Environment, Mapping from CU Boulder Shows – Oceanfront property in Colorado? See the fabulous video by the University of Colorado Boulder’s Interactive Geology Project to get an amazing overview of Colorado geology. Story by Spencer McKee, OutThere Colorado (2/28/2022)

Comet photo

A Comet Impact May Have Paved the Way for Human Civilization – The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis argues that a comet strike caused major changes to climate and human cultures on Earth about 13,000 years ago. Story by Stephen Johnson, Big Think (6/29/2021).

Jeff Self and Donna Ware
Jeff Self & Donna Ware

Getting the Dirt on Colorado’s Precious Stones, listen to the interview by Ryan Warner with DGMG members Jeff Self and Donna Ware for Colorado Public Radio (1/2/2014).

A Timeline of Colorado’s Mining Past – Story by Seth Boster, Out There Colorado (6/19/2022)

Your Exploration Guide for Crystal Digging at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge – Young and old alike love finding treasure buried in the sand, and for a minimal car entry fee, you can spend the afternoon looking for selenite crystals. Story by Little Family Adventure (5/17/2023)

Atlas Obscura

10 Places to Experience Nevada’s Extraordinary Geological Gems – We’re talking massive deposits of gemstones and minerals, such as jasper, agate, onyx, and silver, not to mention more mined gold than anywhere else in America.

Pyromorphite photo provided by Weinrich Minerals

48 Outstanding Idaho Rockhounding Sites for 2023 – Idaho is a scenic state that offers a treasure trove of rocks and minerals, presenting a geological playground for collectors and adventurers. Story by Dr. Keith Jackson, (6/13/2023).

Mt Antero
Sandra Gonzales and her 83-year-old mother, Viola Padilla on Mt. Antero (Parker Seibold, The Gazette)

A Never-Ending Education: A Colorado Rockhound’s Journey to ‘Nature’s Art” – Gonzales puts on the Denver Mineral, Fossil, Gem and Jewelry Show, a week-long extravaganza starting Sept. 8 at . . . Story by Seth Boster, The Denver Gazette (6/1/2023)

Fossil Daddy

Paleontology enters pop culture on Tik Tok with Fossil Daddy – On his TikTok account, he makes fossils fun for adults by describing them in ways that people can understand. Story by Jane Herz, New York Post (3/16/2023).

Rarest Mineral on Earth
The sole specimen of kyawthuite. Image Credit: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

There is Only One Specimen of the Rarest Mineral On Earth – Among the Earth’s 6,000 identified minerals, only one is known from just a single sample. Story by Stephen Luntz, IFLScience (1/26/2023).

image by Synthesys AI Studio

North America’s evidence of Asteroid Strike, Dinosaur Mass Extinction First Discovered in Colorado – story by Leslie James, Out There Colorado. (8/17/2021)  This article includes directions on how to find the K-Pg boundary on South Table Mountain in Golden.

Hear about recent discoveries at the Great Sand Dunes National Park! – Video by History Colorado. To learn more, check out Marilyn Martorano’s extended talk, presented to the 8th Repository Confab of the Colorado State-Approved Museums and Repositories (2/8/2021).

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