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A curated collection of videos and news stories from around the web, of interest to the local rockhound community.

Colorado Map
Colorado map from Library of Congress

Colorado is a Hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon! – Colorado looks like a rectangle. It isn’t. The Centennial State has not four, but 697 sides. Story by Frank Jacobs, Big Think, (January 2023)

Pixabay photo

The Story of Silver in the United States – Humans have held silver dear since antiquity. In the ancient world, silver held a cultural and religious value that rivaled gold and precious jewels . . .
This story from was recommended to us by Penny from Mr. Wood’s Geology Study Program.

Into the Dinosaur Valley – Prehistoric Wild America Dan Snow travels across America retracing the very first discoveries made by fossil hunters nearly 200 years ago, from Wyoming to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He reveals how the very first discoveries of the most amazing dinosaurs of all time were made, including the T-Rex and Diplodocus, and learns why America’s stunning wild West is such a hotspot for dinosaur remains.

Jim MeKeeman says – “Our little intrepid band of WIPS fossil hunters were part of this documentary done on the Bone Wars.  John Foster has some great film time here as well. They came up to Nail Quarry on August 21 to film us in action.” (12/11/2022)

photo from

The Mystery of North America’s Missing Eastern Dinosaurs – the Eastern US has plenty of rocks of the right age to find dinosaurs. So why have so few been found? Story by Zaria Gorvett, BBC (2/2/2023)

AI meteorite image
image by synthesis AI studio

A 15-metric ton meteorite crashed in Africa. Now 2 new minerals have been found in it – Story by Kristen Rogers, CNN, Sunday (12/25/2022).

Image by Enrique from Pixabay

Treasure Worth Millions May Still be Hidden in ‘Lost’ Colorado Cave – story by Tamera Twitty, Out There Colorado. (11/7/2022)

Fossil Daddy

Paleontology enters pop culture on Tik Tok with Fossil Daddy – On his TikTok account, he makes fossils fun for adults by describing them in ways that people can understand. Story by Jane Herz, New York Post (3/16/2023)

Rarest Mineral on Earth
The sole specimen of kyawthuite. Image Credit: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

There is Only One Specimen of the Rarest Mineral On Earth – Among the Earth’s 6,000 identified minerals, only one is known from just a single sample. Story by Stephen Luntz, IFLScience (1/26/2023)

image by Synthesys AI Studio

North America’s evidence of Asteroid Strike, Dinosaur Mass Extinction First Discovered in Colorado – story by Leslie James, Out There Colorado. (8/17/2021)  This article includes directions on how to find the K-Pg boundary on South Table Mountain in Golden.

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