Useful Links

Below is our curated list of links for useful resources of interest to the mineral community.

Free Ebooks

From the Colorado Geologic Survey

Golden Rocks: The Geology and Mining History of Golden, Colorado by Donna Anderson and Paul Haseman. This brand new beautifully illustrated 100+ page ebook tells the fascinating and often surprising facts about Golden CO and its geologic history. It is now available for FREE from the Colorado Geological Survey.

Hundreds of other free downloadable books, maps, reports, plus GIS data can be found from the CGS here.

The Sinkankas Symposium

Don’t miss your chance to download these two gorgeously illustrated E-books Alexandrite and Other Color-Change Gemstones and Agate and ChalcedonyBoth are currently available for FREE from –

The Sinkankas Symposium has been described as the most important gemological conferences in North America by respected authorities on gemstones. The annual event is named for John Sinkankas (1915–2002), one of the most distinguished and influential figures in gemology and mineralogy. Every year, presentations on a featured gem theme are given by specialists in diverse gem-related disciplines.

Issuu,.com offers a wide variety of books, magazines, phamplets, and short reports on just about any topic you can imagine –  including gems and minerals – all for free.  A few can be downloaded for offline reading, the rest can be read directly on the site. Simply use their handy search bar and prepare to be amazed at what comes up!

The Internet Archive:

The Internet Text Archive contains over 36 million books, periodicals, and other documents on every topic imaginable, which are available to either borrow or download. Since 2005, the Internet Archive has collaborated and built these digital collections with over 1,100 Library Institutions and other content providers.

Extensive search options are available to help you find your desired materials.

Mineral Information, is the world’s leading authority on minerals, their identification, localities, deposits, and mines worldwide. An international team of 50 expert managers work to ensure its accuracy.

It’s an extensive site with many incredible features. You may find this user manual helpful in learning to navigate it. Also be sure to view this informative interview with Mindat founder Jolyon Ralph where he does a walk-through of the site.

(The Denver Gem and Mineral Guild is a sponsor of Mindat!)

Online Mineral Galleries

MINES Museum of Earth Science

Visit the Mines Museum of Earth Science Photo Page on Flickr to view over a dozen pages of beautiful rocks, minerals, and fossils.  Guess the name of each, then hover your mouse over the image to reveal the name.

Video Resources

Blue Cap Productions

Check out the Blue Cap Productions YouTube channel for video coverage from mineral museums and shows around the world, along with interviews and lectures by numerous mineral collectors, mineralogists, miners, museum curators, and other notable figures in the world of minerals.

In this video you can hear how founder Bryan Swoboda came to create this channel and learn about their mission and plans for this endevor.

Highland Park Lapidary

Highland Park is a supplier of lapidary equipment.  Their YouTube channel has over four thousand subscribers and covers nearly every aspect of lapidary arts. They include entertaining shorts, and various videos focused on a specific topic like “gluing slabs together with UV glue”. Subscribe to their channel to be notified of their live webinars.

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