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Wire Wrapping

In this video, long-time DGMG member Vickie Schlepp demonstrates her techniques for wire wrapping. To learn more, talk to her at our next Show

by Jeremy Hall, Rock Seeker, September 16, 2021

Wire wrapping is a great way to display your collected stones and other treasures, and anyone can learn the basics with a little bit of time. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper, and I’ll show you the various tools you’ll need and which wire will work best for you. Then we’ll get into the good stuff and I’ll show you a way to wrap stones without holes. (continue reading)


In this video, long-time DGMG member Ron Snelling discusses his journey as a gemstone faceter. Ron does both flat-faceting and concave Fantasy Cuts. Several examples of beautiful finished works by Ron and others are shown at the end of the video. Ron teaches faceting. Talk to Ron at our meetings or shows if you would be interested in learning. This program was delivered at the November 2015 meeting of the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild

Ron demonstrates his faceting skills at our Show. Ron does both flat faceting and concave Fantasy Cuts. Ron teaches faceting. Talk to Ron at our meetings or shows if you would be interested in learning.


This video shows DGMG members demonstrating their cabbing skills at our February show. If you are interested in learning how to do it, talk to one of them at our next meeting!

Cabochons created by long-time DGMG Member Keith Sheel.

George Daggett, DGMG member and past President, has developed a process to create what he calls Bifacially Beveled Pocket Stones. To learn more and see many additional examples, check out his website

Jewelry Making

In this video, long-time DGMG member Dave Sanchez talks about how he got started in silver smithing. If you have questions about that topic be sure to talk to Dave at our next meeting or show.

In this program, Alex Reynolds discusses the process of designing and making jewelry, using beautiful and unique gemstones, from his jewelry design studio in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. He covers the process from beginning to end, the tools used to accomplish this, and some interesting examples. Alex is an Industrial Designer who is passionate about design and believes that it is the little details that really make the difference. He focuses on designing custom, one of a kind jewelry, often utilizing stones much less common than white diamonds. He was invited to present at the 2010 Design and Emotion Conference in Chicago, and won 2nd place in the Engineering Division of the Graduate Forum of Auburn University. He also spent a few years teaching design classes as a college instructor. This talk was presented at the January 2022 (not 2020) meeting of the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild via Zoom.

DGMG member Beverly Pfifier creates and sells her beaded necklaces. If you have questions about beading contact Beverly!


Long-time DGMG member Bob Pfifer creates and sells whimsical creatures from rocks that he collects himself.

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