Thank you for attending our 2022 Show!
See you again February 24 – 26, 2023

Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 W 6th Avenue, GoldenCO 80401     (DIRECTIONS)


Visit the Bat Cave (Fluorescent Room) and see rocks that glow in the dark!

A Brief History of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence before the Emergence of Quantum Theory By Bernard Valeur and Mario N. Berberan-Santos, Journal of Chemical Education

Photoluminescence, the emission of light arising from excited electronic states following absorption of light, is important in many scientific and technological fields, namely, physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, and medicine. Many important applications based on photoluminescence have been developed, such as fluorescence microscopy, fluorescent tubes and lamps, optical brighteners, plasma screens, forensics, tracers in hydrogeology, fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, phosphorescent labels, safety signs, and counterfeit detection . . . (continue reading)

Lapidary Fundamentals: All About Gemstone Faceting from

There is more to a gemstone than sparkle and shimmer. A diligent effort goes into fine-tuning and adjusting the gem before it enters the marketplace. Gemstone faceting is the trick of the trade and requires years of practice to master. Combining an art form with strategic engineering, the process of gemstone faceting is not one for the weak of heart. To successfully understand the processes involved in gemstone faceting, it helps to study, practice, and apprentice under an expert. As a lapidary, there are many fundamental lessons you must learn to excel at the . . . (continue reading)

Lapidary Fundamentals: Cabochon Cutting by Donald Clark, International Gem Society

Cabochon cutting or cabbing is the most popular form of gem cutting. Although it requires a fair amount of skill, almost anyone can master this technique. Rough material for cabbing can be found or purchased inexpensively. Many people never buy their rough and are content to cut the many stones they trade for or find. Of course, as you gain experience, you can if you wish move on to more valuable materials like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and even phenomenal stones like cat’s eye chrysoberyl and black opal.  (continue reading)

Door Prizes!

Everyone will receive a ticket at the door that will enter them to win prizes. Drawings are held hourly, you must be present to win.

Geode Cutting

Be the first in the world to see what’s inside of these geodes! What are geodes? Where do they come from? What are the crystals inside? Watch this video to find out, then come to the show and see these wonders for yourself!

Mineral Identification

Ever wondered the name of that certain rock/mineral in your collection?  Bring it to the show and our experts will work to help you identify it!

Meet the Director!

Come to the Show and meet the Writer/Director of the Documentary – Author Lakes: Discovering Dinosaurs (and ask her how you can get a copy – for free!).
In 1877 a small-town preacher, naturalist, and drawing teacher in Colorado named Arthur Lakes made a discovery that would alter the course of science. In rock layers near Morrison, he found the fossilized remains of creatures that had never been seen before. His discovery would propel Lakes on a lifelong journey, taking him from obscurity into the limelight of scientific journals and newspapers around the world. 
WATCH the video to the left and learn about the 500 fossils first discovered right here in Jefferson County Colorado!

Grab Bags

Kids! Jumpstart your collection with a grab bag.  Each bag contains 10 labeled mineral specimens. 
Then take your minerals to the Bat Cave (fluorescent room) to see if any of them glow.

Grab bag

Beautiful and Educational Displays

This years show will feature over 30 beautiful and educational displays from the Sherman Dugan Museum, Dinosarur Ridge and many others, featuring Colorado Minerals, Fossil firsts from Jefferson County, Cut Gems, Jewelry, Stone Carvings, Geodes, the Bear Creek Meteorite, and more.

You can vote for your favorite case to be awarded the coveted Peoples Choice Award. Your vote will also enter you into a drawing to win great prizes!

Flint Knapping

How did the Indians create their arrow heads and knives? What tools and materials did they have available and what was their process? Learn all about the art of “flint knapping” at the show.

Knapping is the shaping of flintchertobsidian, or other conchoidal fracturing stone through the process of lithic reduction to manufacture stone tools, strikers for flintlock firearms, or to produce flat-faced stones for building or facing walls, and flushwork decoration. The original Germanic term knopp meant to strike, shape, or work, so it could theoretically have referred equally well to making statues or dice. Modern usage is . . .  (continue reading on Wikipedia)

Reverse Intaglio

A reverse crystal intaglio is a rock crystal or cabochon with an intaglio carved into the flat back  The intaglio is often painted realistically with oils so, that when viewed through the top, the image appears three-dimensional.

Did you miss the fireball over Arvada CO last Friday?
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the Bear Creek Metoerite this weekend!!!

The Bear Creek Meteorite

The Bear Creek Meteorite was found along Bear Creek just west of Morrison Colorado on  April 18, 1866 by George Morrison, a stonecutter from Scotland, and James L. Wilson. (It was George Morrison who conceived and developed the town now known as Morrison Colorado).  It weighed 500 pounds!  Evidence indicated that it had been on Earth for thousands of years before it was found. It has since been cut into smaller pieces and widely distributed.

This weekend you will have the rare opportunity to see four of those pieces reunited together in one location for your viewing pleasure.  Three of those pieces are now in private collections and are rarely shown.  The fourth is a 71-pound chunk on loan from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (where it has not been on display for several years now). Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see all four of these pieces together in one place!

For more information about the Bear Creek meteorite see:

Tale of the Bear Creek Meteorite by Matthew Morgan & Gary Curtiss

When were Meteorites first discovered/recognized?

Fireball over Arvada CO, February 18, 2022. YouTube video by Simon Foot

Gary Curtiss and Matthew Morgan, Deputy Director, Colorado Geological Survey, Golden CO, discuss the Bear Creek Meteorite.



New to our show this year is WKPAccentTables by Bill Peterson.

I use natural stone with semi-precious focus stones. The natural Lyons sandstone comes from quarries in Lyons Colorado near Boulder. Lyons sandstone is durable. It was first used for sidewalks in Denver, Chicago, and other midwestern towns from the 1890’s until the 1920’s when cement and asphalt took over the market.  Today Lyons sandstone is used by architects and landscapers around the country. 

I find the focus stones at gem and mineral shows and rock shops. The bases find me.

I love making these tables and would like to make one for you.

DanZ Rockshop – Dan Zellner

My name is Dan Zellner and selling minerals is my life’s passion / obsession. My goal is to provide quality minerals at affordable prices. My selection of minerals ranges from USA classics, new worldwide finds, historic mines, oddities, fluorescents, and simply aesthetic pieces. I have been selling minerals online and at shows for over 10 years.

My academic background includes a Masters in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a minor in Geology from UC Santa Barbara. I have worked as an engineer designing underground construction projects and mines around the world.

My passion for minerals led me to become a full-time mineral dealer in 2021. I have always loved meeting new people, seeing new collections, and learning more about minerals.

Studio 67 – Patti Harrison

I have been professionally painting for 20+ years and silversmithing for 10+ years. My work is currently sold in 4 galleries in Colorado. Sterling silver is my primary metal, but I also enamel copper and anodize titanium and niobium. I create pieces using faceted gem stones, cabs and/or freshwater pearls. My designs are originated around the gem stones; each piece is a new creation. The gem stone dictates my use of texturing, forging, fusing, etc.

My display will include a wide variety of processes. Earrings will include open spiculum form, textured, enameled or gold fused on silver; a versatile earring; the stud can be worn by itself, with the dangle back or the dangle back can be worn with a different stud. Blue patinaed copper (sealed), “see through” Blue topaz in ice resin set in sterling bezels, crushed opal inlay, titanium, a variety of styles with high quality Sea Pearl and Freshwater pearl earrings. Pendants with the back plates cast from shed tree bark, pendants designed with square wire, cast rings and fused silver on silver rings.

Costigan’s Minerals West

Costigan’s/rockman69 has been eBay’s premier source of high-quality rough rock since 1998. Add me to your saved seller’s list and join my email distribution as I have frequent sales. I would love to be your online resource for worldwide cutting material. ROCK ON!!

The Amethyst Rose

In business since 1989, we’re a lapidary and have custom-cut fine gems from all over the world. We also manufacture elegant wire-wrapped jewelry.

Self A Ware Minerals

Jeff Self and his wife, Donna Ware,  spend as much time as possible in the field, digging on their mining claims that are scattered across Colorado. They recover fine specimens of Aquamarine, Phenakite, Fluorite, etc., from Mount Antero ( where they have been working for 25 years ). Amazonite, Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, etc., from the Crystal Peak area. Topaz from the Tarryall Mountains near Pilot Peak. Jeff and Donna have some of their best specimens on loan to the Colorado School of Mines Mineral Museum in Golden, Colorado.   

At the show, you can expect them to offer fine mineral specimens, meteorites, tektites, gold, and mining memorabilia.

JBL Minerals

Fine mineral specimens.

Jensen Meteorites

Books,  Meteorites, and Tektites!


meteorite is a solid piece of debris from an object, such as a cometasteroid, or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives its passage through the atmosphere to reach the surface of a planet or moon  – Wikipedia

Tektites (from Ancient Greek τηκτός (tēktós) ‘molten’) are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. – Wikipedia

D & J Rare Gems

D&J Rare Gems was founded by Donna and John Rhoads in 1985 as a source for rare gems for the gemologist and collector. Initially a mail order company for rare gems, D&Rare Gems expanded into fine gems in 1988. Lapidary services were added in 1989, providing well cut fine and rare gems to the industry. In 1990 we opened our retail jewelry store in Salida, Colorado offering fine jewelry, wholesale gemstones, and mineral and crystals to the public as well as gemstone cutting and repair.

We moved to 112 F Street in Salida in June of 1992. Full casting capabilities were added in February 1996 making us one of the most complete service jewelry and gem store anywhere.

During October of 2005, John Rhoads attended the extension courses required for his Graduate Gemologist diploma through the Gemological Institute of America. He is now a G.G. as the result of his success in completing these courses.

Prairie Gems Jewelry – Vickie Schlepp

Offering beautiful hand crafted wirewrapped jewelry.

Beauty and the Beads – Beverly Pfeifer

Beverly creates beautiful handcrafted necklaces. Special orders are welcome.

She also sells whimsical earrings, many with a science fiction or fantasy theme.

See her at the 2022 DGMG Show!

Dan’s Used Rocks

Dan offers fine mineral specimens from around the world. Dan has been a long-time favorite at the DGMG Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Show!

Dave Sanchez

Dave Sanchez has exhibited at our show before but this will be his first year as a dealer with us. Dave creates exquisite hand-crafted items which you can see in this video. Come check out Dave’s work in person at this year’s show!

Earthstones – the Solitaire

Our mission is to search the gem dealers of the world to bring the newest cuts, the most usual stones, and other interesting finds to our customers. These loose stones can be purchased for their beauty or put into stunning pieces of jewelry.

K & M Enterprises

K&M Enterprises is a long-time fixture at our show. They offer jewelry, minerals, faceted stones, cabbed stones, plastic stands, slabs, and more.

Orca Gems

For over 30 years, I have been cutting and selling opals; from most of the world’s sources. I make a collecting trip every year to Virgin Valley Nevada, and have done quite well there at all of the fee dig mines!  With my wife Trudy, I show at  10 or so gem & mineral shows, mainly in Colorado and the neighboring states; see our events page.  We are excited to now offer jewelry with opals inlayed in epoxy resin: Ear Gauges, Earrings, and Pendants. We ship free in the US, and offer a no hassle full refund on anything returned to us, for any reason… Thanks for stopping in!
Sandy & Trudy Craig

Taylor Made Arts and Lapidary,  Cañon City, Colorado
Harold Taylor has been polishing rocks since he was in high school, and working silver almost as long.  He will have jewelry crafted from some of the finest materials in the world, including opal, jade, rutilated quartz, bumblebee jasper, lapis, dinosaur bone, and other fossils.  He will also be selling slabs and other rough material, plus a few mineral specimens.

Morocco’s Fossils

Morocco’s Fossils is another long-time fixture at the DGMS Show. They offer beautiful moroccan fossils both as showpieces and carved into more practical items like dishes.

Morgan Trinkets

We specialize in quality jewelry and pottery at reasonable prices, estate gold..(small amount but top quality!)
We are 90% American-made.
Our motto is buy American!
Our pottery is by award-winning native American artists!

Sidewinder Enterprises – Bill Jones

I left the oil & gas industry to start my own business in 2010. I buy and sell rocks and fossils as Sidewinder Minerals. I travel around the country to sell at various gem & mineral shows. I average 15-17 shows per year (except for 2020!). I sell online at

Rocky Mountain Mining Company

 I have been buying and selling antiques and collectibles in the Denver area for over 30 years. I started out collecting McCoy pottery. My first piece was the cowboy boot vase. I grew up on a big ranch with world-class Quarter Horses. I know a little about most antiques and collectibles and am always on the lookout for the rare and unusual. I am also slowly curating my many collections. I have always enjoyed the business because it is an opportunity to learn something new, about something else, every day.  The most important thing to me is to have happy customers.

Porter Minerals

Porter Minerals offers minerals, mineral books and magazines, plus a vast array of beautiful stone carvings.

Rockhound Studio – Bob Pfeifer

Bob offers geodes, geode cracking, and whimsical creatures that he creates from stone.

Down to Earth Rockshop

Down to Earth Rock Shop is a family-owned business that offers unique collectible items. Established in 2017 by Donna & Mark McMahon 
Donna & Mark source, cut, and polish all the stones we carry.  
Lapidary and rock collecting are some of the many hobbies we all enjoy doing together.
We carry a wide variety of original products made from quality materials.


Blackstone Lapidary

Blackstone Lapidary specializes in lapidary slabs. Lapidary slabs are unpolished rock slabs that are used for numerous projects such as making cabochons.

Crystals Unlimited

Beads, Jewelry, Carvings, Minerals and more!

The show is INDOORS in the Exhibit Hall

NO pets please (except for certified service animals)


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